The administrative rules for renting out Rosenbæk Huset is drawn up by Foreningen Rosebækken. Charges/prices have been approved by Odense Byråd (Odense City Council).

A deposit of 1,000 DKK is charged in addition to the rent. This deposit can be partially refunded in case of timely cancellation at least 2 months prior to booking start date. A cancellation fee of 500 DKK is included in the deposit, which will be redrawn from the deposit before the partial refund. If your booking is cancelled less than 2 months prior to the booking start date no refund is issued.

Renters of Rosenbæk Huset have sole responsibility for any damage caused to the building, furniture, equipment etc. during the booking. (Read more about rules and guidelines here (Danish).


List of rates

Booking options:

Payment per Prices 2020
Day 3,100 DKK
Monday-Wednesday (8:30am to 4pm) 3 hours 1,000 DKK
Weekends 1½ days 4,000 DKK
Saturday-Sunday 2 days 4,800 DKK
Friday-Sunday Whole weekend 5,500 DKK
Monday-Friday 5 weekdays 10,500 DKK
Monday-Sunday Whole week 14,800 DKK
Month 1 month 41,000 DKK

All expenses mentioned above includes utility costs (water, heating, electricity) and cleaning after the booking has ended.

It is possible to rent AV facilities. This expense is not included in the listed prices above.


Prices for booking the AV-package

Prices 2020
Per day/weekend 500 DKK
Per week 1,200 DKK
Per month 2,600 DKK

Payment for the AV-package is due with the rest of the rent.

The key for the AV-cabinet etc. is handed to you with the key to the house itself.


Additional options

Note: These options are only available if the items are not already booked for the same date.

  Prices 2020
Bar disk 300 DKK
Extra refrigerator 300 DKK
Setting up and putting back chairs (for conferences or cinema) 1,200 DKK