Rosenbæk Huset can be booked for cultural and artistic purposes, to owners/tenants/shopkeepers/etc. in the same block, to public institutions as well as for private bookings and more.

Rosenbæk Huset is owned by Odense Kommune (the Municipality of Odense) and is administered by Kulturmaskinen. The house is primarily leased for artistic and cultural events and extroverted, social activities. In addition, the house can be booked for family gatherings, meetings, business events etc..

The surrounding outside area are not part of Rosenbæk Huset and will therefore not be included in a leasing agreement.

To book Rosenbæk Huset send a written application using this form (Danish).

You cannot fill in the electronic form by smartphone, tablet or in the Google Chrome browser.

If the “send”-button does not work, download the PDF-file to your computer, fill in the form, save the file and send it as an attached file via email to

Odense Kommune and Foreningen Rosenbækken have a right to turn down applications that do not adhere to the purpose of Rosenbæk Huset and/or might affect the reputation of the house in a way that does not serve its purpose. In addition, former renters may be excluded from making any future bookings, if they have acted against the guidelines, rules and purpose of the house.

Practical information, guidelines and rules when booking and using Rosenbæk Huset (Danish).

Renters of Rosenbæk Huset have sole responsibility for any damage caused to the building, furniture, equipment etc. during the booking.


Who can book Rosenbæk Huset?

The following groups can book Rosenbæk Huset. The list is prioritised:

  1. Artistic and cultural groups, extroverted activities (book up to 12 months in advance)
  2. Owners/tenants/shopkeepers/institutions with an address on the block: Pantheonsgade, Vestergade 89, Vesterbro 33, Vindegade 102-136 and Rosenbæk Torv (book up to 9 months in advance)
  3. Private users located outside the block (book up to 6 months in advance)
  4. Public/municipal users. For instance, as a conference room for public agencies of local government (book up to 6 months in advance)

1, 3 and 4 also applies for renters outside of Odense.



Cancellation of a booking must be done in writing to Kulturmaskinen no later than 2 months prior to the booking start date.

When booking you will have to pay a deposit of 1,000 DKK, which can be partially refunded in case of a timely cancellation. A cancellation fee of 500 DKK is included in the deposit, which will be redrawn from the deposit before the partial refund.

If your booking is cancelled less than 2 months prior to the booking start date no refund is issued.


Rosenbæk Huset cannot be booked for the following types of events

  • 18th birthdays
  • Svendegilder and other graduation parties
  • Last day of school parties (Sidste skoledag)
  • Blue Monday celebrations (Blå Mandag/Andendagsfester)
  • Other youth parties
  • Events with more than 90 participants
  • Other similar events (in addition, make note of the quiet hours clause)


Book via application form

Booking Rosenbæk Huset is only possible with a written application – fill in the form on this link (the form doesn’t work on smartphones and tablets) (Danish).

We will respond to your application within 14 weekdays after receiving it (closing days not included).

Reservations are not possible.


Remember, you are only allowed to use Rosenbæk Huset within the time period specified in your booking.


What is the cost of renting Rosenbæk Huset?

See current prices here.


Want to know more?

You can call us within our opening hours for further information:

Tel.: +45 65 51 28 32 / +45 65 51 28 33

Monday to Friday: 9:30 am – 12:00 pm