• Using the workshop: 10 DKK for the first hour. 20 DKK for an entire day.
  • Using the sewing and overlock machines: 10 DKK/hour for the sewing machine. 20DKK/hour for the overlock machine. If you only use a machine for 15 minutes, the minimum price is 5 DKK.
  • Borrowing thread from the workshop: 5 DKK.
  • Using paper for patterns: 5 DKK/meter.
  • Tie dye/batik 7 DKK/gram
  • Colours for textile print: 10 grams/9 DKK, 15 grams/12 DKK, 20 grams/15 DKK.
  • The knitting and crocheting café every Monday: 10 DKK per participant. You can get a voucher for 10 times for 100 DKK – with a voucher your 11th visit to the café is free.