Facilities, machines and materials

The possibilities at the Textile Workshop is almost only limited by your imagination. Visit us with your own idea and materials, or find inspiration, patterns and materials on our shelves. Our team of employees and skilled volunteers are always ready to help and guide you, no matter if you are unsure where to place the perfect cut on your dress design, how to do the seams right or what the next step of your project should be.

Among our facilities and machines, you will find:

  • Large tables with lots of room for your creative projects
  • Sewing machines
  • Overlock machines for the professional finish you know from store bought clothes
  • A cover stitch machine, for an extra professional hem look on your stretchy materials
  • An industrial sewing machine, for heavy textiles and leather.
  • Embroidery machines, for everything from special dates and names on the family’s christening robe to personalized details on your shirt. In addition, we have a selection of Disney motifs for you to embroider directly onto your project.
  • A well assorted colour kitchen where you can recolour and refresh fabrics, tie dye batik and make textile print
  • Tools for leather work
  • A swing arm machine, for e.g. push buttons, grommets and making fabric and leather buttons
  • A yarn swift for winding your hanks into more usable balls of yarn
  • Upholstery staplers
  • Irons and clothes steamers
  • All the little things you need for your project: fabric scissors, tailor’s chalk, measuring tapes, pins, sewing needles, sewing machine needles, presser foots and more!

You are always welcome to bring your own fabrics and threads, but if you want you can buy what you need in the workshop – we have various materials of good quality available. On our shelves you will find both stretchy and firm fabrics to suit every taste. We also have a wide variety of ribbons, cords, strings, elastic bands, vlieseline (iron on interface), buttons, hooks, zippers and more.

Out embroidery machines use a special type of thread, which is included in the price you pay for the embroidery.