The Textile Workshop (Tekstilværkstedet)

Do you dream of starting a new creation, but feel like you might need a little help getting your desired result? Is it difficult to decipher the knitting pattern for that beautiful sweater you dream of making? Do you have a vision of a wonderful gown, but not enough tabletop space for making it at home? Visit the Textile Workshop (Tekstilværkstedet)! Here you will find plenty of skilled help and lots of room for meters upon meters of fabric by the many machines and large workstations the workshop offers. The Textile Workshop is a playground for all who like sewing, knitting and crocheting.

Dive into our large collection of patterns and find new inspiration in our many books and exhibited models, or among your fellow creators in the workshop. If you want something completely unique, go to the colour kitchen and colour your own fabrics or give textile printing a try – we have lots of original, wooden printing blocks from India to choose from!

We do not offer tailoring, but will help you create your own, unique projects. Registration is not required, unless you want to attend a specific workshop event. Otherwise, you can come and use the workshop’s facilities anytime within opening hours.

Do you dream of making your own dress at the workshop? Read this before you start.

Children are welcome in the workshop, when they are accompanied by an adult. If you are a group and wish to visit the workshop, make arrangements with our workshop leader Eva by phone: +45 65 51 28 80.