Do you want to take active part in the development and daily operation of our creative workshops here at Kulturmaskinen? Do you like to be around other creative people, who work together to help our users, keep the workshops open and develop new and interesting concepts and activities? Maybe volunteering at the Clay Workshop (Lerværkstedet) or the Textile Workshop (Tekstilværkstedet) is for you?

What you do and how your volunteer work is organized vary, depending on the workshop. However, whether you like knitting or making pottery, you will have to be both accommodating and helpful to all the different guests, who use the facilities of the workshop you are volunteering for. It is important to be open and at the same time able to set boundaries, so that everyone feel at ease, guests, employees and volunteers alike. It is also important that you can collaborate with the many different groups and people with a relation to the workshop.

If you are considering becoming a volunteer for our creative workshops and want to know more, we organize briefing meetings where we talk about how the work of our volunteers are organized, what we expect of our volunteers, training, as well as the benefits that come with a big thank you for your volunteering.

Do you want to become a volunteer, are you curious or do you have questions? Contact the workshop leader :

Eva Holm: