Raku is a traditional Japanese firing method with roots in Zen-Buddhism. Terms associated with the process are, among others, mindfulness, spontaneity, being present, the impulsive and the unique.

We fire Raku with different intervals depending on the season. In spring and summer, we fire approximately every two weeks, while firing during autumn and winter happens less often. The firing takes place outdoors in Farvergården in front of Kulturmaskinen.

Registration and participation are required if you want your projects raku fired. You register for a spot with your name and phone number. There are 4 spots available during each firing. You will have 1 hour each – the 1-hour spot can be shared if you wish. The first two participants in the firing help setting up the equipment, while the last two participants help cleaning up.

Raku firing is easily affected by the weather. Though a little damp air is alright, wind above 7-8 meters/second and rain will produce a poor result. In that case the firing will be cancelled.

We recommend you use raku clay or clay for chamotte stoneware. Chances for a successful result is best with raku clay. Be prepared for your raku ware turning out a bit different from what you expected – this particular process of firing always produces different results.