By the most idyllic bend of the stream (Odense Å) running through the city you will find the Art Gallery Filosoffen (Kunstbygningen Filosoffen). It is an architectural gem designed by architect Hanne Kjærholm in 1994 and later expanded by architect Erik Brandt Dam in 2014.

“Filosoffen” is not a museum, but rather a creative meeting-place for visual arts design and the exchange of ideas.

The rooms and walls of “Filosoffen” can beleased for various exhibitions within all media and genres; it is open for uncensored exhibitions, separate exhibitions, exhibitions of artist associations as well as local and national design exhibitions.

A great effort is put into developing a strong synergy with other artistic institutions in order to solidify the local art scene of Funen (Fyn) through exhibitions, art talks, concerts, conversation salons, culture and art festivals as well as many other cultural and artistic events.

Visit the Art Gallery Filosoffens official (Danish) website here.