Frølageret has a capacity of 300 people standing (with no furniture etc.) or 130 people seated.


Equipment at the Venue

  • Soundsystem (sound mixer MA: Lightning Commander ch.24 and 21 300w PAR lamps + colour filtres. 2 PSL Raptus 2x 250w disco light effects)
  • Stage (W: 6m, D: 4m, H: 40cm. Stage modules measures approx. 1x2m. We have 4 moveable modules which can be used to extend the stage or as a drum podium etc.)
  • Tables (12 tables measuring 70x70cm and 12 tables measuring 70x140cm)
  • Chairs (150 chairs)
  • Café tables for standing (10 tables measuring H: 115cm, Ø: 60cm)
  • Whiteboard
  • Bar (containing glasses, mug/cups, tealight candles + holders, dishwasher, plates, cutlery)
  • Cloakroom: 8 wardrobe stands
  • Piano
  • Video projector


Rent Additional Equipment

  • PA-system: 1,500 DKK
  • Sound and light technician: Price according to individual agreement. If you bring your own sound technician, they will have to be approved by Kulturmaskinen beforehand.



  • For events such as meetings, talks, courses, conferences etc.: 1,200 DKK + rent for the venue
  • For events such as concerts, parties and meetings with dining: 2,500 DKK + rent for the venue

Setting the table, tablecloths, flowers etc. are not included in above listed prices.

The organizer of the event will return the venue and all other used facilities and equipment in the same state as delivered at the time of booking start. If you find that the venue and other rooms are not properly cleaned by your arrival for booking start inform Kulturmaskinen’s staff before the event starts. When the event is over tidying and cleaning should be initiated immediately. Kulturmaskinen’s personnel decides when the venue is properly cleaned. Kulturmaskinen will supply cleansers as well as a floor cleaner for you to use. Paying for cleaning is also possible.

  • Wipe off tables and chairs and place them where they belong. The chairs within the venue (not the café or bar) need to be stacked with a maximum of 8 chairs in each stack.
  • Sweep and wash the floors.
  • Empty out beer and soda bottles. Sort and place them in crates.
  • Empty out wine bottles and place them in the bar.
  • Collect candle holders, cups, glasses etc. and wash them in the dish washer in the washing room behind the bar.
  • Clean the stage/venue, the bar, the foyer, the toilets and other used spaces
  • Altering the walls in a way that leaves marks (for instances with nails and screws) is prohibited. Hanging or putting anything up on the windows and glass façade is not allowed.
  • Popcorn, soap bubbles, foam or confetti are prohibited.
  • Posters, decorations, tape etc. put up in the venue and other rooms should be removed.
  • Entryways to Kulturmaskinen must be cleared for bottles/waste and signs.
  • Dispose of trash bags in the waste container.
  • Shut and lock all doors and windows and turn off the lights when you leave.


Drinks, Beverages and Alcohol

Bringing outside drinks and beverages is not allowed. Contact Tenna via email at concerning bar and service.

Serving alcohol to people under 18 years old is not allowed at Kulturmaskinen. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to enforce the law. The bar crew must be over 18 years old as well.


Public Order

It is the sole responsibility of the organizer of an event to ensure public order at any given time. If the event organizer loses control over the event (vandalism, fights etc.), Kulturmaskinen’s staff will take immediate action and shut det event down and, if necessary, contact the police.


Police Inspection

Funen Police (Fyns Politi) has the right to perform inspections at any public event at Kulturmaskinen. Kulturmaskinen’s staff must be informed by the organiser, when the Police performs an inspection at Kulturmaskinen.


Damages and Compensation

The event organizer will be held accountable and compensation must be made if damage is done to the building’s façade, furniture, sound and light equipment etc. following misuse, vandalism, theft etc.


Noise Level

It is solely Kulturmaskinen, who determines and approves the upper level of noise at any given event where electrical amplification is used. All windows and outer doors must be closed during both sound checks and the actual event.



All live music and discotheque events must pay a license fee to KODA (KOmponist-rettigheder i DAnmark / Composers’ rights in Denmark) according to Danish law. Learn more on:

Payment of the KODA license fee is done as per agreement through Kulturmaskinen.


Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited within Kulturmaskinen.

The smoking ban means that smoking inside Kulturmaskinens buildings is not allowed under any circumstances. The smoking ban applies to everyone! At Kulturmaskinen we enforce the law with a smile and a friendly request not to smoke inside our buildings. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to inform and enforce the smoking ban. However, it is not the event organizer’s responsibility to, physically, remove guests, who break the smoking ban. If present, this task can be given to security approved and authorized by Funen Police (Fyns Politi). If a guest breaks the ban multiple times following friendly requests not to smoke the absolute last resort is to call the police.


Storing Various Items, Equipment, etc. at Kulturmaskinen

Storing or keeping equipment and other items at Kulturmaskinen is at your own risk. Kulturmaskinen has no ensurance and takes no responsibility for loss or damage following for instance theft, vandalism, fire or water damage.


Strike/Force majeure

Kulturmaskinen is under no obligation to find a different room or venue for an event organizer in the case of strikes, conflicts or force majeure, where Kulturmaskinen is closed down for those exact reasons. Kulturmaskinen reserve the right to cancel events if it is not possible to execute PR and marketing due to strikes, conflicts or force majeure.



If the event organizer wishes to cancel an event it must be done at least one week in advance. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to inform the press about cancellations. The management of Kulturmaskinen’s department Drift & Produktion (Maintenance & Production) must be informed when cancellations are made. If the one week-deadline for cancellation is not observed, full rent for the venue/room and the booked extra equipment must be paid.


Entry Fees

Event organizers can charge for admission to an event in Frølageret and the café area. The event organizer is responsible for the financial parts of the event (payment of artists, entry fees etc.) and for any required VAT etc.



Payment of rent and other expenses owed to Kulturmaskinen when booking and using our venues, rooms and equipment is done by the end of the event. An invoice can be forwarded as per agreement with Drift & Produktion (Maintenance & Production).


Emergency Exits/Escape Routes

The escape route lighting must be turned on during the event. Emergency exits/escape routes must be fully cleared. Therefore, placement of furniture, equipment, trash etc. in front of the emergency exits is not allowed at any given moment. Cars must not be parked in front of the emergency exits/escape routes.


Venue Inspection Prior To Event

The venue inspection list (fire safety) is done by Kulturmaskinen’s staff before the event begins. The event organizer is responsible for understanding and enforcing Kulturmaskinen’s fire emergency evacuation plan, including ensuring that the amount of people at the event (staff included) does not exceed the maximum number of people allowed in the venue by the fire and rescue authorities.


Staff and Personnel

Depending on the size of the event one or more of Kulturmaskinen’s own staff members will be present for the duration of the event. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure every member of staff is above 18 years old and sober. Events including children and adolescents among the guests must have a sufficient number of adult staff present. Larger concerts, parties and similar events must have a sufficient number of inspection personnel. Kulturmaskinen will determine this number. When beer, wine and other types of alcohol are served, all bar staff must be over 18 years old. At events taking place during Fridays, Saturdays and outside Kulturmaskinen’s ordinary opening hours, an adult and sober staff member must always oversee the foyer and entrance. This is done to ensure, amongst other things, that guests do not bring outside drink into the venue or that unauthorized persons or intruders do not occupy the foyer or other areas of Kulturmaskinen.


Poster Policy in Odense

Odense Kommune (The Municipality of Odense) desires that the city, and especially the city centre, presents itself as neat and proper. Therefor putting up posters etc. on electrical cabinets, transformers, lampposts, houses etc. are prohibited. Posters can be hung on the poster columns found around the city as provided by Odense Kommune for this exact purpose. It is the sole responsibility of the event organizer to pay any costs related to the removal of posters placed illegally in the townscape.