Kulturmaskinen’s conference rooms can be booked Monday through Thursday from 8am to 10pm.

The price of your booking is calculated based on one of the following two categories: 1) non-profit, and 2) commercial.

You will be charged according to the purpose of the event you are hosting. For instance, booking one of our conference rooms for cultural or artistic events without profit in mind can be charged at a lower price than events held with the aim of profit.

You cannot rent our conference rooms for private parties, such as birthdays, confirmations, weddings etc.

If you, during the same booking, rent a conference room for more than 10 times within one season, you will get a 10 % discount.

Kulturmaskinen decides whether an event falls under category 1 or 2.


1. Non-profit purposes (highest priority)

Our conference rooms can be booked for non-profit purposes by for instance unions, amateur speakers, debate clubs and certain lecturers and communities of interests. Political parties, institutions and municipal organisations hosting public as well as private events might be included in this category, as long as the purpose of the event is deemed eligible for municipal support. This evaluation is made by Kulturmaskinen.

Entry and participation fees are allowed for events in this category when they are used to cover expenses in relation to the event or later, similar events. Commercial activities, advertisement campaigns and similar activities with financial purposes, professional or private, falls under category 2.

Product sales of any kind are not allowed when you have made a booking under this category.

Examples of events in this category: an art exhibition by an association, a public debate night of a school, a general assembly or a board meeting.

Costs for booking in Category 1:

Conference rooms “Nielsen”, “Hansen”, “Petersen” and “Larsen”: 60 DKK / initiated hour.


2. Commercial purposes

Our conference rooms can, to a limited extent, be booked by commercial organisers and for commercial events with profit in mind. I.e. events and meetings hosted by for instance corporations, sales organisations, bureaus, agencies, casters etc. with a CVR-number.

Examples of events in this category: conferences, staff meetings, receptions, castings etc. Direct product sales are not allowed in Kulturmaskinen.

Costs for booking in Category 2:

Conference rooms “Nielsen”, “Hansen”, “Petersen” and “Larsen”: 1,200 DKK for the first three hours, thereafter 400 DKK / initiated hour.



You pay by invoice (faktura) when your meeting or event has ended.

When simultaneously making multiple reservations for repeated events or meetings payment is due by the first meeting or event.

Payment is done by transmission of the invoice (preferably to an EAN-number) with an added processing fee of 30 DKK.


Common rules

When you book, include the following information:

  • The name of the union/association/company/club/etc.

Remember to include either a CVR-number, a civil registration number or an EAN-number.

Upon booking, the contact is informed about the rules of use concerning Kulturmaskinen’s conference rooms and equipment. The contact is responsible to Kulturmaskinen for settlement of rental fee, cleaning of the room as well as any damage to furniture and equipment or other misuse of the booked rooms caused during the booking.

Kulturmaskinen ensures a standard arrangement of furniture and equipment in the conference rooms (see the informational boards in each room and online here (link til “prices and opening hours”). Users of the rooms are welcome to rearrange the furniture as needed but will have to hand over the room cleaned with the furniture arranged after the standard depicted on the informational boards.

You have access to the booked room from the time listed on your booking. You must leave the room at the time marked as the end of your booking. Booking can only be done in whole hours on the hour.

Unless a special agreement is made, outside food and drink are not permitted in the conference rooms.

Catering can be ordered by contacting Tenna at:

Cancellation of a booking must happen no later than 10 weekdays prior to the booking start date. If cancellations are made later than this, payment of  full rental fee is required. This is also the case for unannounced absence on the booked date.


AV facilities

Following AV facilities are available upon request during booking:

  • TV with VHS and DVD
  • Whiteboard with flip over
  • Overhead projector
  • Projector

It is presupposed that renters can connect and operate the technical equipment themselves.


Names and sizes of the rooms

“Nielsen”: named after Carl Nielsen, local composer, as well as other Nielsens on Funen. (14-16 people.)

“Petersen”: named after J. M. D. Petersen – better known as Professor Labri – local entertainer, as well as other Petersens on Funen. (12-13 people.)

“Larsen”: named after Johannes Larsen, local painter, as well as other Larsens on Funen. (12-13 people.)

“Hansen”: named after Peter Hansen, local painter, as well as other Hansens on Funen. (12-13 people.)