Welcome to Kulturmaskinen

Kulturmaskinen is the cultural epicenter of Odense. It’s an integrated, creative space for all shapes and sizes.

This house is your house. The doors are always open, and there is always someone to point you in the right direction whatever your project or challenge may be.

The Clay Workshop

Do you love to create with your hands, the Clay Workshop on the fifth floor is the place to go. Here, you can create beautiful or fun shapes with all the necessary equipment for an accomplished result.

Contact: Henrik Uglebjerg Hestebæk / huh@odense.dk / 65 51 28 70

The Textile Workshop

If you’re more into knitting or sewing, check out the Textile Workshop. Create your new summer dress, make a Halloween costume for the kids or patch up your favorite piece of clothing; all of this and more is possible on the sixth floor.

Contact: Eva Holm / evhol@odense.dk / 65 51 28 80

Magasinet / Frølageret / Rosenbæk Huset

The venues Magasinet and Frølageret (‘Seed Storage’) is used for a variety of concerts, lectures, musicals and comedy acts. If you’re looking for centrally based conference rooms, Kulturmaskinen and Rosenbæk Huset will accommodate you and your group.


Magasinet: bookmagasinet@odense.dk

Frølageret: kulturmaskinen-storesal@odense.dk

Conference rooms: kulturmaskinen-lokaler@odense.dk

Rosenbæk Huset: rosenbaekhuset@odense.dk / 65 51 28 32 (mon – fri 9:30 -12:00 a.m.)


The verb ‘tumle’ is Danish for tumble. At Kulturmaskinen, Tumle is also a big, blue, furry, fuzzy creature. The kids love Tumle who’s always present at our many different activities aimed at minors.

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OFF – Odense Internationale Filmfestival

In the late summer you’re invited to the world’s most daring, inventive, Oscar-qualifying and cozy shortfilm festival of them all: OFF. The festival concists, among other things, of diverse films, lively debates, insightful lectures and, of course, the coziness of summer, friends and film art.

Visit OFF’s official website

Kulturmaskinens Café

At the ground floor you’ll find our café. Enjoy your coffee, cold beverage or meal in the exciting surroundings of Farvegården.

Contact: Tenna Poulsen / tp@odense.dk / 65 51 28 40